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Sunday, May 15, 2005

hello again

Cleverly enough, the title of this entry is commenting both on my absense from the blog for some time now, and my recent purchase of the new Dave Matthews Band album "Stand Up," which has a song on it called Hello Again.

The album is a new feel for the band. The focus is not melodic as most Dave Matthews albums are. The focus has been shifted - more towards the atmosphere that is created from the rich sound of the band. The sound (I think) is amazing. Of course I am a huge Dave Matthews fan so my word should not be the final say. Everyone that has heard Dave Matthews Band and thinks they like the sound should get the cd, if nothing more than to see if the band succeeded in a reinvention of themselves.

So it has been a while since my last entry in the ole blog... at our last meeting, I was sharing some wonderful pictures from the hall with you all, and explaining the exam situation. Well, presently, I am done with school for the summer. Exams were awesome... I've been home for about two weeks now, mainly hanging out with the wonderful Emily Meineke.

Questions: I would love comments... (signing up for the blog is easy...)

Who in this world cares if a man wants to marry a man... or a woman wants to marry another woman? (I dont want a list of people, I want your opinion, and reasons why you could possibly care)

Would it be possible for Jesus to surf, without a surfboard?

Is surfboard one word?

- Ryan -


Blogger Emily said...

First of all, I'm not wonderful, but I do love being able to hang out with you everyday boo ;)

Second of all, I don't care. No one should care.

Jesus could definitely surf without a surf board. He knew he had limited time when he was here for leisurely activities such as surfing, skim boarding etc. ... so, he didn't have any fun with the whole walking on water thing. You know what would be really fuckin cool? If he could parasail without a boat or a board.

6:11 AM


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