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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Daily Grind (oh so literal)

The last week of my freshman year I had approximately 50 dollars in my checking account. Thinking that I would be so fortunate as to have money available when I returned home, I spent it on food... just food basically. When I returned home, awaiting me was no money, and to make things worse, no job. I had an easy opening starring me in the face at The Daily Grind. I knew this to be true, but being in food services for 2.5 years discouraged me from just rolling over and taking the needed job. So for a week I went around to businesses and applied for a job. But of course, no one wanted temp labor (seeing my Appalachian history)...

Exactly 2 weeks ago I crawled into The Daily Grind and asked the owner for a position (the owner being the very nice Jennifer Shearin). I was granted the opportunity to wash dishes in exchange for what is known as a minimum wage... and here I am tonight, getting in after 6 hours of washing dishes, just to fall asleep and do it again.

I have 10 dollars left now (mother's blessing). This has to stretch through - not next monday - the monday after this coming monday. I am doomed I believe. Pray for me, it will do little good im sure. A better way to send your prayers would be:

Ryan Lassiter
6412 WW Gaskins Road
Grifton, NC 28530

I accept cash and coupons


Sunday, May 15, 2005

hello again

Cleverly enough, the title of this entry is commenting both on my absense from the blog for some time now, and my recent purchase of the new Dave Matthews Band album "Stand Up," which has a song on it called Hello Again.

The album is a new feel for the band. The focus is not melodic as most Dave Matthews albums are. The focus has been shifted - more towards the atmosphere that is created from the rich sound of the band. The sound (I think) is amazing. Of course I am a huge Dave Matthews fan so my word should not be the final say. Everyone that has heard Dave Matthews Band and thinks they like the sound should get the cd, if nothing more than to see if the band succeeded in a reinvention of themselves.

So it has been a while since my last entry in the ole blog... at our last meeting, I was sharing some wonderful pictures from the hall with you all, and explaining the exam situation. Well, presently, I am done with school for the summer. Exams were awesome... I've been home for about two weeks now, mainly hanging out with the wonderful Emily Meineke.

Questions: I would love comments... (signing up for the blog is easy...)

Who in this world cares if a man wants to marry a man... or a woman wants to marry another woman? (I dont want a list of people, I want your opinion, and reasons why you could possibly care)

Would it be possible for Jesus to surf, without a surfboard?

Is surfboard one word?

- Ryan -

Monday, May 02, 2005


Exam today - World Civ II at 3:00. I suppose I will begin studying for it now. Emily (sweetest girl in the world) called and woke me up just so I could study. I feel blessed to have my own personal alarm :) She is so much more than that though. Wish me luck everyone! It is on WWI and I love history so I should be fine.

Your Friend,


Sunday, May 01, 2005

To address a very important subject...

I love Emily Meineke

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Hammerhead Penis Posted by Hello

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The newest sport on the hall... taking a golf club and beating trash bags till they bust... then inserting the golf club into the trash bag, and dragging the trash all up and down the hall. Posted by Hello

The End of an Era

Reflections on my first year at Appalachian State University:

Dorm Life

I have lived in East hall for the past two semesters... I would love to say that I have made loads of friends on the hall, and had some great experiences, but for the most part - untrue. This hall is hell on earth... no seriously... I will let the pictures explain...

Campus Life

I truly can't complain about this awesome campus. Every Monday night - Jazz in Crossroads (campus coffee shop); every Tuesday night - Local Bands in Crossroads; every Wednesday night - Open Mic Night in Crossroads. The university just finished the new Solarium... waterfalls and live trees included. New "Barnes & Noble-esque" book store... Student Union completely wireless (as well as most dorms, Library, and most of the rest of campus). Pretty kick ass studio in the recording program. Pretty damn good scenery. The smoothies in Cascades (cafe in Student Union) are arguably better than a lot of good drugs used at the same time... I.G. Greer movies for 1 dollar every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. LEGENDS - bringing regional and national groups to a campus stage usually two or three times a month. Just a bunch of good shit... very happy to be a part of all of the cool happenings.


I am not going to lie to you all... this year hasn't been great. I hope to salvage a 3.4 which I suppose is good, but I know I can do better. My laziness got the best of me in this second semester. I am trying to turn all of that around in this final stretch of exams. Aside from my own laziness, I have had a great experience here on campus. All of my professors have been at the least - helpful, at the most - Mr. Tyer with out the sometimes spitting on people. I am compelled to tell the story of one professor - Sociology - Dr. Keeter. What a crazy ass guy. Every day he would come in with a shirt and tie on (shirt untucked) and a pair of those combo pants (unzip the legs to get shorts)... The tag was always on the tie, and somedays he would wear a hat. He looked strange enough, but man he could teach with the best of them. Another - World Civ II - Mr. Hill. A fairly small guy... Would get off on 20 minute tangents about his dogs chasing squirrels on his land, or about his wife being financially independent so he can't tell her to wash the dishes or clean the house... always capable to make me smile, and truly excited about history. A funny observation: Chapel Hill Professors - Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, Columbia. Appalachian State Professors - Chapel Hill (acception Keeter - Harvard, Columbia)... another interesting parallel: AGHS teachers - ECU

Looking Ahead

Next year will be somewhat different I suppose - I am getting an apartment. Big Change. Roommates: Blake Arrowood, Kyle Beach, Bryan Ford - where are you? Phat location - or should I say "fat." Bojangles - 100 yds in front of us. Taco Bell - across the street. Japanese restaurant - in the mall that we share a parking lot with. Golden Corral - a pretty long ass ways a way... but I will have the car next year so it counts... Hopefully things will be conducive to learning in this new area. I feel confident I can hold back my primal urge to sleep through alarms and such.

In the immediate future is Summer... and I can't wait. If you are from app I will see you in the next school year... if you are a g-ton, a-town, g-vegas, f-bomb?, wintwizzy? native... can't wait to partay. peace and love to all.



Monday, April 25, 2005

Ruff Ridge lookout around sunset. We have all had some good times up there... the rock climbing is awesome and the view is equally appealing. Posted by Hello

Me and the beautiful Emily Meineke... Posted by Hello

Me and the new roommates (Kyle and Blake). Sipping back on some Coronas in Dan's room. Posted by Hello

Blake, Casey, Me - Crazy night at Ryan's apartment Posted by Hello

First Blog

Hello everyone out there in blog-land... this is my first blog ever. Hopefully I can keep up with things pretty regularly (ie. add cool pics, and share some interesting stories). I hope you will enjoy...

Yours Truly,